What are the benefits of installing a home solar PV system?

Published by Xianghong February 19,2024


As we all know, home photovoltaic systems are divided into two categories: rural home photovoltaics and urban home photovoltaics.



What is a home photovoltaic system?


Home photovoltaic system mainly refers to the system that installs and uses distributed solar power generation on the home's own roof. Home photovoltaic has small installation capacity, many installation points, simple grid connection process, and obvious and direct benefits. It is also the one with the highest national subsidy. An application form of distributed photovoltaic power generation.


home photovoltaic system


Rural household photovoltaics are mainly concentrated in self-built houses in rural areas and unified housing in new rural areas. Usually low-rise buildings. Urban household photovoltaics are mainly concentrated in high-end villas and self-built houses in urban villages around the city.

A home photovoltaic system is like a small power plant, and the electricity produced can not only be used by itself, but also sold to the grid and sold to electricity consumers near the distribution grid. Unlike other household appliances or equipment, solar grid-connected systems have strong financial attributes.


home photovoltaic system


What are the benefits of installing a home photovoltaic system?


1. Green and environmental protection.


The life cycle of solar power generation system is more than 30 years. Every 1 kilowatt solar system can generate more than 25,000 degrees of electricity on average during its life cycle. The production of 1 kilowatt solar system only needs to consume about 1500 degrees of electricity. Its energy recovery ratio exceeds 16.7 times. At the same time, a small distributed power generation system with an installed capacity of 3 kilowatts has an annual power generation of 3650 kWh and can generate 91250 kWh in 25 years, which is equivalent to saving 36.5 tons of standard coal, reducing 94.9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and reducing 0.8 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.


2. High return on investment.


The return on investment of a solar power generation system is generally not less than 10%, and the highest can reach 20%. Unused electricity can also be sold to the State Grid. In the past, electricity was used for money, but now electricity is sold to make money. When the photovoltaic modules and batteries are laid on the roof in a large area, it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature of the building by 2-3°C, and indirectly save the electricity consumption of the air conditioner. Under the premise of economic development, it is also a very good way for households who have the conditions to install the sun to manage their finances. Ordinary financial products only have 7%


8KW home photovoltaic system


3. Compared with large-scale ground power stations, household photovoltaic systems have the following advantages:


Compared with the ground photovoltaic power station that occupies a large amount of land resources, the household photovoltaic system does not occupy the existing land, and makes full use of the idle resources of the building, and also develops clean electricity, so it has received strong support from the state.


10KW home photovoltaic system


4. Low cost


Large-scale ground power stations have invested billions of dollars, and household photovoltaic systems can be installed with only tens of thousands of yuan. For an individual family, investing tens of thousands of yuan seems to be relatively high, but in the era of negative interest rates, if you have this spare money in your hand, it will also depreciate if you deposit it in the bank; Take it out to build a home photovoltaic system, the rate of return on investment is more than 10%, and it can also contribute to environmental protection!